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About Ri-yaz Hotels & Resorts

Riyaz, translating from Sanskrit as devotion, is an intrinsic attribute

of the Ri-Yaz Group’s philosophy and management style.

The Ri-Yaz Group – a full-service hotel management company – oversees the operations of a collection of signature resorts in Malaysia and abroad. Competently led by a team of versatile individuals, we bring cutting-edge consultancy and quality development, focussed on our brand of lifestyle-oriented hospitality, to partner hotels and associates. Resolute in our commitment and support of our partners’ goals and objectives, the Ri-Yaz Group is geared to the task of outstanding delivery of diverse services, technological innovations and advancements.

Capitalising on its varied strengths, the Ri-Yaz Group ‘s expertise has evolved beyond owning and managing hotel properties to encompass the food and beverage, education and development sectors of the hospitality industry. For more information on the group, log onto